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The Business of Yorkshire

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 The Business of Yorkshire.

The English Civil War in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

 1642 - 1645

The Business of Yorkshire, as it was referred to by King Charles I, is story of the English Civil War in the West Riding of Yorkshire and, to a lesser degree, the wider county of Yorkshire from 1642  to 1645.

This turbulent period in the history of the region was dominated by such major personalities as the great Parliamentarian General Sir Thomas Fairfax, Ferdinando Fairfax - 2nd Lord Fairfax, John Lambert and the William Cavendish - Earl ( later Marquis ) of Newcastle.

The background and story are described  detail along with brief biographies of the main protagonists, Sir Thomas Fairfax, Ferdinando Fairfax, John Lambert and William Cavendish.

The site includes background information as to the causes and events of the English Civil War in general, a brief description of the Armies and Soldiers involved and an account of the English Civil War in the area and the North of England as it effected the West Riding of Yorkshire. Of particular note are the Sieges and Battles of Bradford, the Storming of Leeds, the Storming of Wakefield, the Battle of Seacroft Moor, the Battle of Adwalton Moor and the Battle of Marston Moor.

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