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Second Chance Cat Rescue is made up entirely of volunteers based in and  around North and North East Lincolnshire with many years experience in  the rescue, protection, and homing of both cats and kittens.
The Rescue aims to relieve the suffering and distress of Cats and Kittens by
1/ Rescuing the abandoned, unwanted, mistreated, injured and homeless.
2/ Providing veterinary care, food, accommodation as necessary.
3/ Rehoming healthy animals.
4/ Educating the public in feline welfare.
We believe all cats and kittens that, for one reason or another, have  lost their homes deserve a SECOND CHANCE to live a normal loving life  with someone like YOU.
It is our intention to give every cat or kitten we rescue this SECOND CHANCE.
For up-to-date news, cats up for adoption etc see the SCCR web site.

In 2011 Second Chance homed more than 50 cats and kittens and reunited several lost cats with relieved owners. The Rescue also gave advice and help to a number of owners, carers or fosterers in the area.


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If you wish to adopt a cat or can offer help in fundraising etc please check the details on the web site or contact the Rescue on

The Rescue is always very actively involved with fund raising but donations are most welcome. Further information can be found on the Donation Page on the SCCR Web Site Click on this link for details - SCCR Donations


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