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My name is Percy and as you can see I am a cat.

About 6 years ago when I was a kitten I found myself occupying a house with a family of morons and criminal psychopaths who proved totally unsuitable cat slaves. I sacked them, packed my kitty suitcase and headed off for the RSPCA Cat Slave Employment Agency at Mount Street.

Here I stayed for some months. A thoroughly depressing period I can tell you. The quality of cat slave and servant applicants that passed through the doors of that establishment was never quite to my liking  but eventually a suitable candidate appeared who I thought may have possibilities. I turned on the cat sympathy rays, meowed and purred a bit and that was that. Easy peasy and off we went to sunny Eccleshill.

On arrival at my new cat mansion I must admit to hoping for something a bit better however needs must and I have been able to make the best of it.

I have the run of the place and a good cat flap with my own key and can go outside at whenever I want. Plenty of food and nibbles on hand and I sleep pretty much where I like. Slave disappears most days to do something called work which I do not fully understand but it sounds absolutely ghastly. I then have the place to myself and can play with the computer or invite my friends round for some good cat chat and a few kitty snacks.

It is all quite nice really. A cat’s life.

Enjoy the site.

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