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24th July 2016 - Jackson Lindner writes - Info wanted on Parkson T2 Milling machine. Bit hard to see but there are two horizontal cylinders that hold the head in place and I haven't seen any other mills that do this, they all seem to have a single cylinder. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Parkson T2 Milling Machine

Finding out anything about this machine has proved very difficult so any help will be most welcome.

Jackson can be contacted on e mail - - substitute @ for at.

25th Feb 2013 -  Clair Kofoed e mails us to say “I have been looking for a Parkinson's ball base vise for some time. If you should happen to run across one, I would be very interested in obtaining it. I do have friends in the UK that you could post it to and I may be in Dublin in August.

I enjoy vise designs and have several in a small collection. Mostly, those with unique features such as swiveling jaws. I have an old monster Charles Parker with 6" jaws that must weigh 150 lbs. They made a wonderful turn locking feature; it's a large disk that bolts up tight to the base, sort of like a brake shoe. I have a machinist friend with an English vise I've never seen the likes of before; it rides on 3 tab- trunnions on a circular way. Very nice and uses a simple, small horizontal central bolt to lock securely. Enjoyed your website regardless, thanks much.”

Clair Kofoed  - Parma, Idaho

Clair can be contacted on -

28th July 2013 - Andy Dwyer e mails to say he started working at Parkinsons in 1977 and served his apprenticeship till 81. He worked as a fitter in assembly. Then the business started to decline and redundancies were made every year. In May 84 Parkies "lent" several fitters to Metal Box as they were busy, shortly after Parkies announced it was to close in Sept 84 and Dave Halford, Andy and a few others basically stayed at "the Box" where he is to this day.

Ironically he had been asked at Xmas 83 to go to China with a G250 gear planer, even though he was at Metal Box and went there with Barry Walker for 5 weeks in July 84, a memorable trip for a 23 year old.

Andy says his time at Parkinsons was certainly some of the happiest years of his life. Many names spring to mind but he particularly remembers: Barry Walker, Lincoln Barraclough, Jim Dallas, Jim Stoney, Walter Roo, Arthur Smith and Eric "Big Dan" (unfortunately he can't recall his last name.)

Andy can be contacted by any of his former Parkinsons friends/colleagues on this e mail. Click name Andy Dwyer


7th Feb 2016 - Parkson Surface Grinder. Simon Bywater is urgently seeking any information on a small Parkson Surface Grinder he has bought to restore. See pics below. If anyone can help Simon he can be contacted on ( substitute @ for at ) or by phone on 07414602456.

Parkson Surface GrinderParkson Surface Grinder 1












Parkson Surface Grinder 2

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