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Parkinsons cleaned up small brass plate ws1
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A small selection of pics showing various Parkinson’s Vises over the years.

Parkinson Vise 1888 ws


Parkinsons Cable Vise 1907 ws

Parkinson Vises Advert ws                                     Parkinson Vises 1960s ws

Parkinsons Swivel Vise ws

Parksinson Handy Vise Plate ws

parkys vise transfers ws

Parkinson’s Vise Transfers circa 1960s - courtesy Dougie Hey


Parkinsons filing station

Above - Moveable filing table and vise. Not seen one of those before.


Small Parkinson's Vise (1)

Small Parkinson's Vise 1

Small Parkinson's Vise (2)

Small Parkinson's Vise 2

Small Parkinson's Vise (3)

Small Parkinson's Vise 3

Above 3 excellent photos of an interesting small Parkinson’s Vise


Weight 2Żlb (approx. 1.2 kilos)

Jaw width – 2”

Jaw opening – 2”

Quick release jaw operation via lever at front. Operates an eccentric mechanism.

Castings and some of the steel parts are stamped “6” – presumably made as set.

The vise was rescued from the scrap bin by my late father, Charlie Fell, donkey’s years ago.

I seem to recall he told me it was a one off and this model was never put into production.

Surprising as it is a very useful and well made little item.

This  vise is now the property of Andrew Eatch who provided the photos.

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