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Parkinsons cleaned up small brass plate ws1
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The Factory

Aerial Photo of Shipley 1950s

Shipley late 50s. ws

The photo shows the centre of Shipley as it was in the mid/late 50s looking roughly north. Parkinson’s is situated on the middle right East of the canal which runs in an arc bottom right to top right. Note Shipley railway station and junction prominent lower middle

A small selection of internal and external photos taken over the years of the Canal Iron Works Factory, Shipley, Bradford, West Yorkshire

External Pics

Parksinons Shipley Canal ws

The Leeds Liverpool Canal at Shipley with Parkinson’s entrance on the right. The company office is on the extreme right. The gate was added in the early 1970s. Behind that just visible is the factory main entrance.

Shipley canal bank ws

Present day view along the Leeds Liverpool Canal bank. (Photo John Bourke)

View from west over shipley canal ws1

Present day view across the Leeds Liverpool Canal. (Photo John Bourke)

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Google view east from the Victoria St canal bridge.

View from east ws

View of remaining buildings looking south east from Victoria St. (Photo John Bourke)

Parkinson New Fitting Bay 1954 ws2

Parkinson’s new fitting bay under erection in 1954.

Internal pics.

Parkinsons Machine Shop 1898 ws

Parkinson’s Machine Shop 1898

Parkinson New Erecting Shop 1916 ws

Parkinson’s New Erecting Shop 1916

Parkinson Milling Dpt 1932 ws

Parkinson’s Milling Dpt 1932

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