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Parkinsons cleaned up small brass plate ws1
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Other Machines

A small selection of pics showing various misc Parkinson’s Machines over the years.

Parkinson Centre Capstan Lathe 1902 ws

Parkinson Centre Capstan Lathe 1902

Parkinson lathe 1902 ws small

Parkinson High Speed Lathe ws

Parkinsons Boring Machine ws

Parkinson's Lathe Bradford Industrial Museum ws

Parkinson’s Lathe - Bradford Industrial Museum. (Photo John Bourke)

Note - The tiny lathe in the foreground what looks like a wooden topped sewing machine table is also by J Parkinson.

Parkson Gear Tester Plate ws1

Parkson-gear-tester-checker-with-top-center Poster ws                                                   Parkson-gear-tester-checker-with-top-center ws

An excellent page on a WW1 vintage Parkinson’s Lathe here.

Thanks to John Bourke for this.

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