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 Marmaduke Langdale - Pre Civil War.

Born at Beverley in Yorkshire 1598, Marmaduke Langdale inherited substantial estates from his father, Peter, who died in 1617 when Marmaduke was 19 years of age. As a youth he developed strong patriotic ideals and sturdy soldierly qualities which were the hallmarks of his life and his service for Crown and Country.

He gained his first military experience in 1620 on Sir Horace Vere's expedition to the Palatinate.

Amongst other members of the Yorkshire gentry who participated in this expedition were the likes of John Hotham from nearby Scarborough and Thomas Fairfax from Denton. This campaign was to be a military training ground for many young Englishmen who were later to become prominent commanders in the British Civil Wars and they could have no better tutor than Sir Horace Vere.

In 1626, Langdale married Lennox Rodes the daughter of Sir John Rodes of Barlborough after a passionate courtship. They were married by special license on the 12th Sept 1626 at St Michael-le-Belfrey, York and set home at Dalton near to the family home at Houghton. Their first child, a son, was born on the 14th January 1627 and was named after his father. He was baptised on the 28th January 1627 which Langdale recalls as “That day was a great wind which overthrew many houses in England."

Langdale was knighted in February 1627 at the age of 28.

A second child, this time a daughter, was born in April 1629 and named after her mother. Another daughter, Mary, was born in 1630 and a son named Peter in 1632. Peter died 3 weeks later and was buried at Sancton Church. In 1633 a fifth child, Philip, was born.  Also that year Langdale purchased the manor and estate of Holme from his kinsman Sir William Constable of Flamborough and Holme-on-Spalding-Moor. The Langdales moved around this time to Holme old hall where his two youngest children, Anne and Anthony, were born and where his wife died shortly after child birth in July 1639.

In 1637 the 17 year old Prince Rupert, the son of Frederick V Elector Palatine of Bavaria and Elizabeth Stuart, sister of Charles I, visited England. During his stay Prince Rupert greatly impressed Charles I and the Court and when Rupert returned to the continent he was granted a monthly pension of 800 Crowns. Langdale met Rupert during his stay and held him in high regard. He accompanied Rupert back to The Hague and may well have been present with Rupert at the siege of Breda.

Langdale  became acquainted with Rupert's mother Elizabeth at this time and several letters have survived which show clear evidence of a warm and friendly relationship between the two.

In one Elizabeth teases Langdale for addressing her as "madame" and "majesty" for which she says she would "jeer him to some tune for it but now I am merciful to you that I am extremely your friend." She goes on to say "your friend Rupert has not been well since he came into his quarters, he had like to have a fever, but writes to me it has left him, only he was a little weak."

Langdale expressed the wish that Rupert returned the England but instead he accompanied his father on an expedition to invade Westphalia. Their little army was defeated on the 17th October on the banks of the River Weser and Rupert was imprisoned for three years.

Langdale was now a man a considerable influence and one of the leading gentlemen of Yorkshire. Despite his opposition to policies such as ship-money and forced loans, Langdale was appointed High Sheriff of Yorkshire in November 1639 on the recommendation of the Lord Deputy.

His refusal to co-operate in collecting controversial taxes incurred the King's displeasure and Langdale was threatened with prosecution before Star Chamber in 1640. Langdale and the northern Royalists were loyal to the Crown in both heart and mind but clearly detested abuse and extortion. The King knew only too well that he had many friends in the north, unlike the south, and matter was taken no further.

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