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  Sir Marmaduke Langdale,   1st Baron Langdale of Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, Yorkshire

Prominent Northern Royalist, formidable soldier and dedicated servant of the Crown


The owner of substantial estates in East Yorkshire Langdale was one of the most influential men in the county. Born into a prominent East Yorkshire land owning family. He gained his military experience fighting with the English Volunteers under Sir Horace Vere in the Lowlands and Germany in the early 1620s.

At the start of the First Civil War Langdale joined the northern Royalists and was to soon distinguish himself rising to high rank and proving himself as a loyal, committed and energetic cavalry commander and a courageous and resourceful adversary. Known as “The Ghost” because of his pale, gaunt and generally cadaverous appearance he was to become much feared and respected by his opponents.

After the Civil Wars Langdale was one of a small number of prominent Royalists whom Parliament excluded from pardon. He endured an uncomfortable and impoverished exile in Europe and enlisted for a time in Venetian service fighting the Turks on the island of Crete. During Langdale’s period in exile his health declined but he returned to England and Yorkshire on the restoration of the monarchy in 1660. He was able to finally reclaim his lands but had lost a substantial proportion of his wealth in support of the Crown.

Langdale’s continued failing health finally took its toll and he sadly died 1661. He was buried in the family vault at Sancton All Saints church.

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