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 John Lambert - Plymouth

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Left and below - St Andrew’s  Parish Church at Plymouth, the last resting place of John Lambert. Sadly the location of his grave is not known.

The church was heavily bombed in WW2 and much of it destroyed. It has since been rebuilt and is flanked by roads and not very pleasant 60s style development.

Above - Drake’s Island, known in the 17th C as St Nicholas Island, where John Lambert was imprisoned for the last years of his life. He died in 1683 during a particularly hard winter.

The small fort was built in the mid 16th century on the six acre island. Being in the centre of Plymouth Sound it protected the dockyard and was, along with the Citadel, one of the most important parts of the defences. Over the next two centuries it was continuously extended with extra gun batteries being added.

During the period from 1860 to 1900 it was much strengthened and also during WW1 and WW2. It is now abandoned and not open to the public. Plans to open it as some sort of tourist attraction have yet to come to fruition although it clearly has some potential.


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