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Castle Cornet

 John Lambert - Castle Cornet

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Above. An early 20th C postcard showing Castle Cornet. The castle has a long history being first built on this site in the 13th C. With the outbreak of the English Civil War in 1642, Castle Cornet, under the command of Governor Peter Osborne, remained loyal to the King. Guernsey supported the Parliamentarians and the castle was under siege for nearly nine years. Although occasionally supplied by ships from Royalist Jersey, the garrison suffered many hardships during the siege. Following the Restoration of the Monarchy John Lambert spent 9 years imprisoned there.

Above. A fine model of the castle showing the layout. John Lambert’s garden was at the top level next to the round tower between the 2 parallel walls..

Left. The beautiful Nerine Lily or Guernsey Lily which some say Lambert  introduced to the island although this is unlikely. He was certainly familiar with this flower and may well have grown it in his castle garden

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