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In Search of Our Ancient Ancestors: From the Big Bang to Modern Britain, in Science and Myth

By Anthony Adolph.

This book seeks to make links between the original life forms to ourselves and explain our origins. Published by Pen and Sword.

Also by Anthony Adolph - Brutus of Troy. And the Quest for the Ancestry of the British.

Published by Pen and Sword.

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The Life of Sir Thomas Fairfax and his Wife Anne Vere

By John Rosenfield.

Member John Rosenfield has just finished his second volume of the life of Sir Thomas Fairfax and his wife Anne Vere. It covers the years 1647-49. It has been published as an e-book and also as a paperback. See John Rosenfield's website www.spanglefish.com/fairfax Vol 2 has an ISBN number 978-0-9565055-1-4. He is offering copies to members at a sale price of 10.

Picturesque Perils: the rise and fall of Perry Nursey, a 19th century cousin of Princess Catherine.

By Anthony Adolph

Member, Anthony Adolph, a professional researcher who wrote about the Fairfax family connections to Prince William and Kate Middleton in our April 2011 Journal, has now written a book about the Suffolk landscape artist Perry Nursey (1771-1840) called 'Picturesque Perils: the rise and fall of Perry Nursey, a 19th century cousin of Princess Catherine. It is a small hardback A5 book, costing 40 incl. postage. It is a limited edition and includes a chapter on the Fairfaxes.

Fairfax of York. The Life and History of a Noble Family

by Gerry Webb.

The story of the Fairfax dynasty to the present day. This scholarly work has been painstakingly researched and makes compulsive reading.

For further information contact:

Fairfax House, Castlegate, York YO1 9RN. The email address is: info@fairfaxhouse.co.uk

“Black Tom” Sir Thomas Fairfax and the English Revolution.

By Andrew Hopper.

Sir Thomas Fairfax, not Oliver Cromwell, was creator and commander of Parliament's New Model Army from 1645 to 1650. Although Fairfax emerged as England's most successful commander of the 1640s, this book challenges the orthodoxy that he was purely a military figure, showing how he was not apolitical or disinterested in politics. The book combines narrative and thematic approaches to explore the wider issues of popular allegiance, puritan religion, concepts of honour, image, reputation, memory, gender, literature, and Fairfax's relationship with Cromwell. "Black Tom" delivers a groundbreaking examination of the transformative experience of the English revolution from the viewpoint of one of its leading, yet most neglected, participants. It is the first modern academic study of Fairfax, making it essential reading for university students as well as historians of the seventeenth century. Its accessible style will appeal to a wider audience of those interested in the civil wars and interregnum more generally.

Andrew Hopper is Lecturer in History in the Centre for English Local History at the University of Liecester.

Paperback: 272 pages Publisher: Manchester University Press (30 April 2007) Language English ISBN-10: 0719071097 ISBN-13: 978-0719071096  Also available in hardback.

Available from Amazon.co.uk.



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