Updated 6th Dec 2015

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Fairfax DNA Project


The Fairfax DNA Project will employ DNA technology to provide linkages
where there are gaps in historical documentation.  Genealogists and family
historians are increasingly using DNA to supplement historical
documentation.  This project was initiated to provide the missing link from
the Sledmere Branch in England to the Maryland Branch in the USA.  Because
the Sledmere Branch is an offshoot of the Steeton Branch, all direct male
descendants of the Steeton Branch and/or its offshoots will have similar
DNA markers.

The Fairfax Y-DNA67 Project seeks participants who are male direct line
[that is male with last name of Fairfax and all their paternal male
ancestors had last name of Fairfax].  Potential participants must be
descended from Steeton Branch and/or its offshoots.  Proof of lineage is
required.  Potential participants in UK should contact Cynthia Bunch
cynbunch@globalnet.co.uk or Miss C.F.Bunch 22 Low Church Road, Middle
Rasen, Market Rasen LN8 3TY.  Potential participants in USA should contact Ken
kfcraft@comcast.net  or Kenneth Craft 5600 Clinchfield Trail,
Norcross, GA 30092.  If you require assistance in documenting your lineage,
contact Fairfax Society Research Coordinator Norman Meadows



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