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Tom Fairfax armour

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Fairfax - Tom Fairfax Armour.

Sir Thomas Fairfax’s armour set on display at the Yorkshire Museum at York.

Top right - Full set of helmet, breast and back plates. These are good quality items well made and finished befitting of his status. It is clear Sir Thomas was not a big man. Bearing in mind the chest and back plates were worn over a buff leather coat he probably had something like a 32 inch chest and 28 inch waist at a guess.

Bottom left - View of back of the armour set. Note the brass plume holder fitted on the back of the helmet. This will have been more for identification rather than personal adornment which I doubt was Black Tom’s style at all. I was interested to note that the neck protection was in one piece and not articulated. Personal preference of the wearer perhaps.

Bottom right - Close up view of helmet and shoulder straps. The helmet is lined with red cloth. Note the extra face protection rather than the standard tri-bar arrangement. The shoulder straps appear to be of better quality than the standard type.


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