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The Sieges of Bradford - Credits and Contact.

Credits, acknowledgements, bibliography/sources, copyright and stuff.

This site is complementary to The Business of Yorkshire, FairfaxCavendish and Lambert web sites but concentrates on events in the immediate area of Bradford. Of necessity some of the information is duplicated but I have added more background detail of the events in and around the town and some photographs from Bradford and Adwalton Moor to show where some of the action took place.

The purpose of this web site is to raise the profile of the history of the West Riding of Yorkshire during the period of the First English Civil War and in particular in and around Bradford and to help bring it to a wider audience. It is not intended to be a detailed study. I am neither qualified nor expert enough to undertake such a task.

I wish to put on record my grateful thanks to several people and organisations that have helped and co-operated with me in the preparation of this site.

1/ My colleague, Andrew Eatch for his encouragement, assistance and advice in putting together this site.

2/ David Plant for his permission to use his excellent biographies of Lord Fairfax, Sir Thomas Fairfax, the Marquis of Newcastle and John Lambert taken from his own web site, British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate 1638-60 , which is a quite outstanding English Civil War resource and highly recommended for those who wish to learn more about the subject.

3/ Nigel Hillyard and Steven Dury of Actiontake1 for their permission to use a number of their exceptional re-enactment photographs. A full portfolio of these can be seen at The Sealed Knot web site and also their own web site,

4/ The Sealed Knot also gave permission for use of these photographs for which I am very grateful. This society stages numerous events throughout the country, offering you the unique chance to experience at first hand the trials of the nation at war with itself. For those wishing to learn more and/or actively participate they are highly recommended.

In preparation of the material for this site I have drawn from several excellent and learned books and publications. These are all listed in the Books and Resources Section. Details of the publishers of these books shown. Several are long out of print but can be obtained from local libraries in the area.

If I have omitted to acknowledge or thank anyone this is not intentional and purely an oversight on my part. Please accept my apologies, let me know and I will make the appropriate addition.

I welcome new information and any comments and/or corrections that readers may wish to make. It is the intention to review and revise the site as and when material is available.

Please note however that I cannot undertake any sort of genealogical enquiry.

This site is the property of David W Fell. All content is copyright of myself or those mentioned above in the cases where I have used photos and material that is the work of third parties. No item may be used for commercial gain without the explicit permission of the myself and/or the third parties whose work is reproduced on this site.

David William Fell.


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