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The Sieges of Bradford - Books and Resources.

A list of the main titles used in the process of my local research.

Most of these books are still in print and can be obtained from through the Amazon Link above. Some of the older ones may be available second hand. Click on the link and search for the title or author you require in the Search Box that appears on a separate page. Any purchases made through this facility will entitle the web master to a small referral commission paid by Amazon. The items will not cost you anymore than normal and this small commission will go towards the costs of servicing and administering this site. Thanking you in anticipation.

1/ The Siege of Bradford by the late Dr P. R. Newman.. Bradford Libraries Dpt. Out of print but available from Bradford Libraries Dpt.

2/Adwalton Moor 1643 The Battle that Changed a War by David Johnson. Published by Blackthorn Press. Still available. Excellent piece of work and very useful.

3/ The Battle for York. Marston Moor 1644. by John Barratt. Tempus Publishing Ltd. Still available.

4/ Marston Moor 1644 The Beginning of the End by John Tincey. Osprey Publishing. Still available.

5/ Yorkshire Battlefields by Ivan E. Broadhead. Still available.

6/ The Official Handbook of Bolling Hall Museum by the late Wilfred Robertshaw. No longer in print.

7/ Worstedapolis by the late William Cudworth. Long out of print. Available to borrow from Bradford Library Dpt.

8/ Skipton Castle in the Great Civil War 1642 – 1645 by Richard T. Spence. Published by Skipton Castle.

9/ The English Civil War 1642-1651 An Illustrated Military History by Philip Haythornthwaite. Published by Brockhampton Press London.

10/ Fairfax by John Wilson. Published by John Murray. Now out of print but available on the second hand book market and well worth the effort.

11/ Memoirs of General Fairfax by Sir Thomas Fairfax. Obtained courtesy of Bradford Libraries Dpt. Fascinating.

12/ The Civil War in Yorkshire by David Cooke. Published by Pen and Sword Military Books.

13/ The Memoirs of Captain John Hodgson by John Hodgson. Published by Gosling Press. An absorbing little insight into the events of that time written by a man who lived through it all.

14/ Bradford by Joseph Fieldhouse. Longman 1972.

15/ The Saviles of Thornhill - Life at Thornhill Hall in the Reign of Charles I by Barbara Nuttall. Published privately by B H Nuttall, Leeds. Thanks to Robert of Preston for the loan of this rare book.

16/ The Halifax Cavaliers and Heptonstall Roundheads by David Shires and Sheila King. An excellent little account of the struggle between Royalist and Parliamentarian forces across the Pennines in late 1643.

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