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Update 4th May 2017

I will continue updates through the Summer but not as much as I want to relax a bit. I will answer any e mails received and also post material submitted as before.

576 Squadron Photo Gallery

I have added a small 576 Sqn Photo Gallery to be going on with. This is rather thin at the moment but I will add more pics when I get round to it. 11th April 2017

Cyril Charles Rollins DFC

I was very sorry to hear recently Cyril Rollins DFC passed away in Feb at the grand old age of 96. He was a well known 103/576 vet for many years. As my own very modest tribute I have added a Profile page for him. I would welcome any additional info re that and will add it on to the item. 26th March 2017


Progress rather slow with the RAF Elsham Wolds and 576 Sqn sites. This is due to 90% of the work at the moment being concerned 103 Sqn. Plus I have other interests and commitments as well as websites etc. I will persevere for now till I get fed up of it and want to do other things. 11th March 2017

Progress Report.

Many thanks to those friends visitors and contacts who have made favourable comments re my new sites. I am now running 3. RAF Elsham Wolds, 103 Sqn and 576 Sqn.  I will be feeding in new material on all 3 sites for some weeks. This is stuff I already have on file. Mostly 103 Sqn but not all. This process will take some time as there is a lot of it and it will need sorting and editing etc but should be complete by the end of June. Maybe a bit later. I will then look at my databases and see if it is worth doing something with them. These are all huge files and that will need some thought. I am not even sure whether it is worth bothering as lists of data are not very interesting. 13th Feb 2017

RAF Elsham Wolds Website.

The RAF Elsham Wolds website mentioned below is now live and can be found here. 8th Feb 2017

RAF Elsham Wolds.
I am going to produce a separate site for RAF Elsham Wolds airfield soon.
There is more than enough material on file to warrant one.
News of this will follow. 6th Feb 2017

576 Squadron Website.

576 Squadron website now live and I will add new content in due course.

The site is similar in format to my new 103 Squadron RAF website. Most of the 576 website content will be from the Elsham Wolds period. The Fiskerton era will be dealt with on the Fiskerton airfield website as before.

If anyone wishes to send items or pics for posting on this new site  please feel free to get in touch. Any good new material which has not  been published or used on the internet before is always welcome. 20th Dec 2016

A Sincere Appreciation.

This week I took delivery of a most impressive collection of original photo prints relating to both 103 Squadron and 576 Squadron and also several log books and other ephemera. None of this I had seen before. These came from the family of one of my long time contacts, now sadly deceased, who has been collecting many years - well before me. The family wish to remain anonymous and I will of course respect their wishes. I do however wish to put on record my most sincere thanks for this wonderful donation to my archives. This collection is of great value and will be put to good use. The gentleman concerned passed away several months ago. I knew him well and we helped each other on numerous occasions over the years. He was a splendid chap and is sadly missed by many people. 2nd Dec 2016

Website News.

Since I took my 13 Base site off line several people have expressed disappointment at the loss of the 576 Squadron Profiles. In view of this I have set up this small site for 576 Squadron and reposted the Profiles as before.

I have more items I can add which are already written up and on file and I will post these in due course.

  Posted - 16th Nov 2016

General Enquiries  to the the Web Master David W Fell


Site updates.

This site will be regularly updated for the foreseeable future.

20th April 2017 - Presland Profile added

11th April 2017 - 576 Sqn Photo Gallery added. Vignettes Murray, Sarvis, Sawyer, Cartwright and Bodger added.

9th April 2017 - Bell Profile added

5th April 2017 - Clayton Profile added.

28th March 2017 - Puttock Profile added.

26th March 2017 - Rollins Profile added.

20th March 2017 - Edie Profile and Bassett Profile added. Farnham Hill Vignette added.

14th March 2017 - Blackie Profile added.

11th March 201 - Williams Profile added.

4th March 2017 - Whalley Profile, Sellick Profile, added. Templeman-Rooke Vignette added.

26th Feb 2017 - Articles and Misc Section added and Masters item transferred there. Also Tabner item, Yank Magazine item, and Mailly item. Joe Ford and Shearer crew Profile added.

10th Feb 2017 - All the RAF Elsham Wolds Airfield content has now been transferred to the new RAF Elsham Wolds Airfield website

30th Jan 2017 - Flipbook 576 Roll of Honour added to Resources Section and also various small updates.

25th Jan 2017 - Flipbook History of 576 Squadron added to 576 Sqn History and Resources Pages.

16th Jan 2017 - Berchtesgaden item added plus various small updates

14th Jan 2017 - Masters’ article added plus misc updates

1st Jan 2017 - Joe Duns’ Profile added

30th Dec 2016 -  Richards’ Profile added.



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